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The "best seat in the house"
could have your name on it!



Its time to update the Rae A. Cohen Theatre Auditorium! 


We are inviting you to partner with us and be a part of history

as we approach 50 years of  Community Theatre in Newport Beach!

Call Our Box Office To Sponsor Your Seat!

(949) 631-0288 or email:

What is The NTAC Theatre Seat Sponsorship? 

The NTAC Theatre Seat Sponsorship is a way to leave your mark on the theatre, literally, by sponsoring one of our theatre seats. You may be a sponsor yourself or on behalf of someone you care about. Just purchase your sponsorship, decide what you want your professionally printed plaque to say, and we will attach it to one of our theatre seats. Every future audience will know you support NTAC!


Is this a fancy plaque of some kind?  

Yes! Your text will be professionally printed on a plaque and adhered to the top of the seat, as depicted above (seat pic). Note: the depiction above may not represent the actual plaque.  


Does it have to be someone’s name?   

Not at all! Get creative! It can be a nickname, a phrase, a song lyric, a limerick; whatever you want, just keep it clean.


How much space do I get?   

You have a max of 30 characters, including spaces, to express yourself.  


Does that mean the seat I sponsor is my permanent seat at NTAC?   

No, seats are set up randomly and any seat can still be reserved by any patron. Sponsoring a seat is not about ownership, but partnership. The plaques are to commemorate patrons like you, who help us with our mission providing the community with strong artistic performances. 


How much does it cost to sponsor a seat?    

You can be a “exclusive sponsor” of a NTAC seat for $500 (includes 2 plaques on a single seat). You can be a “shared sponsor” of an NTAC seat for $250. (One of two sponsor plaques on a single seat)     


How do I make this happen?    

Terrific! Just use the link on our website for more information. Or email us at:

Thank you for your support!


NOTE: Our plan is to have these plaques mounted on the seats for the life of the seats (at least 5 years). If seats change, all plaques/messages will be displayed in the lobby in perpetuity of the theatre.

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