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NTAC Audition Notice For:


by Noel Coward
Directed By Matt Koutroulis
Run of the Show:
: May 10 – June 2, 2024
mance Times: Evenings: 7:30 PM / Matinees: 2:00pm

This is a non-equity, volunteer community theater production. There is no pay.


Monday, March 18th (Open Call: 7:30 -10 pm)

Tuesday, March 19th (Open Call: 7:30 -10 pm)

Callbacks by Invitation as needed on March 20th.

Character Descriptions

Charles Condomine (M, mid 30’s to late 40’s): An author. Organizes a séance as research for an upcoming novel, getting far more than he’d bargained for in the process. 

Ruth Condomine (F, early 30’s to late 40’s): Charles’s current wife. Navigates a wide emotional range as the world transforms around her.

Elvira (F, mid 20’s to early 30's): Charles’s deceased first wife, come back from the dead to pay a visit. Highly sensual. Self-centered and manipulative, she’s not quite ready to let go of her former husband.

Madame Arcati (F, older): A medium. Expressive, erudite, and eccentric, but never absurd. Utterly self-assured. An apparent expert on the spiritual beyond (among other things.) 

Edith (F, 18-mid 30’s, but will consider older): The Condomines’ new maid. She can’t figure if she’s coming or going most of the time. 

Dr. Bradford (M, early 40’s to mid 60’s): Skeptical physician, he participates in the séance at Charles’ request. 

Mrs. Bradford (F, early 40's to mid 60’s): Dr. Bradford’s charming and chatty wife.

All characters speak with an appropriate British accent. For most characters this is modern Received Pronunciation (RP). Edith’s pronunciation should reflect a lower-class origin than the other characters. Madame Arcati’s use of language should naturally be somewhat more colorful than the rest of the cast.

Edith, Ruth, and the male characters will occasionally need to move around furniture as part of the stage action. This is generally limited to chairs, benches, and small tables. At one point in the action, Madame Arcati must fall to the floor in very low light, landing in a comic position. She will later be helped to her feet by the gentlemen in the cast.

The director welcomes auditions from actors and actresses of all ethnicities and nationalities for all roles in this production.

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