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Directed by Floyd Harden.
7pm -10 pm       September 25th & 26th
callbacks:          September 27th. 

Newport Theatre Arts Center

2501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach California 92663

Synopsis: This train wreck of a comedy is a behind the scenes look at the Soapbox Playhouse and their unhinged production of A Christmas Carol. When an inspector from the National Endowment for the Arts shows up to decide if they’ll get the money they need to survive, it’s all hands-on deck for the neurotic director and her dysfunctional cast as they roll from a tumultuous rehearsal to a star-crossed performance that ends with a bang!

Character breakdowns: 8 Male 4 Female

ZORAH BLOCH: Director and founding member of the Soapbox Playhouse. She’ll do anything to get that grant! Seriously. ANYTHING! 30’s-50’s

LUTHER BEATTY (TINY TIM): Somewhere between tween and teen, he’s a little too old to play Tiny Tim. Nice guy. Good with a crutch.

SIDNEY CARLTON (MARLEY’S GHOST): A founding member of the company. Sidney is the kind of guy who keeps suppositories in the freezer. 40’s-70’s

DOROTHY TREE HAPGOOD (MRS CRATCHIT): Sidney’s wife. Dorothy is from England. Dear lord, how’d she end up here? A founding member. 40’s-70’s

LARRY VAUXHALL (SCROOGE): Vain and self-centered? You bet! Larry is the star of his own show. 30’s-60’s

PHIL HEWLITT (BOB CRATCHIT): He carries a torch for Zorah, but he won’t carry Tiny Tim. Phil is a hypochondriac’s hypochondriac. 30’s-50’s

WALTER E. PARSONS (GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS): African American. New to the company and dangerously under-rehearsed, Walter is living the actor’s nightmare. 20’s-40’s

KEVIN EMERY: Kevin is managing director at the Soapbox Playhouse. His job is utterly impossible. 30’s-60’s


M.J. (MARY JANE) MCMANN: The Stage Manager. M.J. is supremely competent, organized, and professional. Naturally, nobody listens to her. 30’s-50’s

WAYNE WELLACRE: Who is this guy?!? New to show biz, he’s either a terrific actor or a terrible actor. 30’s-50’s


BART FRANCES (PETER): Bart probably played Tiny Tim ten years ago. It was probably a career highlight. Late teens-20’s

BETTY ANDREWS: An extremely near-sighted inspector for the National Endowment for the Arts. 30’s-60’s


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