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Sunday, July 21st & Monday, July 22nd •  7pm - 10pm.  

Callbacks are by invitation only on Tuesday, July 23rd.


Show Details:

Book, Additional Lyrics by: Rupert HolmesOriginal 

Book and Concept by: Peter StoneMusic

Additional Lyrics by: John KanderLyrics by: Fred Ebb

Directed by: Rebecca Rubino

Musical Direction by: Jennifer D’Onofrio

Choreography by: Jennifer Kornswiet

Show Run Dates: September 20 - October 20, 2024



Packed with glorious tunes by Kander & Ebb, and a witty, charming book by Rupert Holmes, CURTAINS is a hilariously suspenseful musical comedy whodunit.  Set in the brassy, bright, and promising year of 1959, Boston’s Colonial Theatre is playing host to the opening night performance of a new musical.  When the leading lady mysteriously dies on stage, the entire cast and crew all become potential suspects.  Enter local detective Lt. Frank Cioffi, a stagestruck gumshoe sniffs out clues while donning tap shoes.  CURTAINS blends Agatha Christie-like mystery with the spectacular song and dance of golden-age musicals. This is a non-equity, volunteer community theatre production.  There is no pay.


Auditions Details 

Please prepare a 32-bar cut of a song in the style of the show.  Please bring sheet music.  An accompanist will be provided.  

Be prepared to learn a short dance routine. 

If you are unable to attend in-person auditions, please send your headshot, resume, and audition video to: no later than Thursday, July 18th by 11:59pm.  All video submissions will receive a confirmation email with an audition form included.  Please return the form with all rehearsal/performance conflicts listed. Video submissions may need to complete a dance audition prior to casting. Rehearsals begin Monday, July 29th.  


Rehearsal Schedule 

The general rehearsal schedule is Mondays - Thursday, 7pm - 10pm and Saturdays 10am - 4pm.  There will be an additional rehearsal on Friday, Sept. 13th from 7pm - 10pm. Shows are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm.  There will be a two-show Saturday on October 12th with shows at 2pm and 7:30pm.  There will NOT be a show on Thursday, October 10th.


Character Breakdown

*We are looking for  understudies for  Georgia, Frank Cioffi, Carmen Bernstein, and Aaron Fox.  Understudies are guaranteed (2) performances.*



(Playable age: 40s - 50s - Male-identifying)

Local Boston detective who is also a musical theatre aficionado.  Aside from being exceptionally good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer his entire life.  He falls in love with Niki.  Basic tap skills needed.  Vocal Range: Ab2 to E4



(Playable age: 20s - 30s - Female-identifying)

Pretty, naïve ingénue.  She is an innocent ingénue/understudy in the chorus of the show-within-the show during its Boston tryout.  She aspires to make it as a performer on Broadway.  She meets and falls in love with Lt. Frank Cioffi who is investigating a murder at the theatre.  Actress must have legit Soprano, good comic timing, and basic tap skills.  Vocal Range: C4 to E5



(Playable age: 40s - 50s - Female-identifying) 

Female lyricist-half of our songwriting team along with husband, Aaron, whom she’s separated from.  She has a flirtatious romance with Bobby, the choreographer and male lead.  She ends up taking on the leading lady role.  Vocal Range: G3 to E5



(Playable age: 50s - 60s - Female-identifying)

Brassy Broadway producer.  She is a no-nonsense woman who thinks of theatre as a business. She’s a terrific comedic actress who sings well.  Vocal Range: Eb3 to E5



(Playable age: 40s - 50s - Male-identifying)

The composer of the show-within-the-show.  His songwriting partner, Georgia, is also his wife from whom he’s separated.  He is a handsome, intense, somewhat tortured artist-type.  Vocal Range: Bb2 to Gb4



(Playable age: 50s - 60s - Male-identifying)

The producer of an out-of-town flop.  Sidney is a tough, self-serving womanizer.  He is married to Carmen.  Actor should have good comic timing.  No singing required.



(Playable age: 40s - 60s - Male-identifying)

Sharp-witted English director.  Very camp.  Very funny.  Requires a good comic actor.  Vocal Range: B2 to E4



(Playable age: 20s - 30s - Female-identifying)

Performer in the chorus and daughter of Carmen, the lead producer.  Hungry to work her way up to leading performer, many think she was only hired because of her mother.  Bambi is a strong dancer and comic actor who sings well.  Vocal Range: C4 to C5



(Playable age: 30s - 40s - Male-identifying)

A theatre critic for the local Boston newspaper, he enjoys using the power he has to make or break shows during their out-of-town tryouts. No singing required. 



(Playable age: 40s - 50s - Female or Male-identifying)

The Stage Manager of the show-within-the-show  Johnny/Jenny is a character who is gruff but lovable.  He/She keeps the company in line and on their toes through the rehearsal process. Limited singing.



(Playable age: 50s - 60s - Male-identifying)

The general manager.  He is an agreeable if slightly gruff man.  He is always looking for any angle to find money.  Requires a good comic actor who sings.  Vocal Range: Bb2 to E4



(Playable age: 30s - early 40s - Male-identifying)

The choreographer, male star of the show-within-the-show, and a romantic rival to Aaron for Georgia’s affections.  Required strong dancing and singing.  Vocal Range: A2 to E4



(Playable age: 40s - 50s - Female-identifying)

Fading Hollywood star.  A diva, who has no right to be one, she is a terrible singer and actress who stars in the show-within-the-show and gets murdered on its opening night.  Will be part of the ensemble after death scene. Vocal Range: G4 to D5



(Playable age: 20s - 30s - Male-identifying)

A member of the singing and dancing ensemble featured in “Kansasland” and “In the Same Boat #2,” pleasant but with a sensitive side.  Vocal Range: A2 to Eb4



(Playable age: 20s - 30s - Male-identifying)

A member of the singing and dancing ensemble who bears a bouquet and is featured in “In the Same Number Boat #2.”  Vocal Range: A2 to Eb4



Singing and dancing ensemble to play members of the company, detectives, etc.  Open to any age, gender, and vocal part.

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